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...One Planet One Future English & Spanish 40 Bilingual Cards Letters, Animals, Shapes, Numbers...

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ブランド: Munchkin
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Munchkin, Traveling Flash Cards

One Planet One Future.
English & Spanish.
40 Bilingual Cards.
Letters, Animals, Shapes, Numbers.
Portable bilingual flash cards that help children learn letters, numbers, colors and shapes with the help of wildlife pictures-because you never know where and when you’ll get the opportunity to teach. It’s the little things.
Stuff you should know:
40 Cards with 80 images.
Encourages baby to recognize shapes, colors and animals.
Helps to identify numbers and practice counting.
Ideal... 続きを読む

カテゴリー: Munchkin, 子供の健康, 子供のおもちゃ
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