Kelp, Powder, 8 Oz (227 G)

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...Genuine Whole Food. Serving Scoop Enclosed!. Green Superfood. 100% Pure Powder....

Full product title: Now Foods, Kelp, Powder, 8 Oz (227 G)
Brand: Now Foods
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Now Foods, Kelp, Powder, 8 Oz (227 G)

Genuine Whole Food.
Serving Scoop Enclosed!
Green Superfood.
100% Pure Powder.
Rich in Natural Iodine.
Supports Thyroid Function.
GMP Quality Assured.
A Dietary Supplement.
Vegetarian Product.
100% Pure & Natural.
Now Kelp delivers the natural nutrient profile found in Genuine Whole Foods.
Kelp is a large, leafy brown algae that belongs to the seaweed family and grows in the colder waters of the world's oceans. It is a good source of marine minerals, including potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. It is also an excellent source of iodine, which has been shown to support healthy thyroid function. Your thyroid gland is responsible for... read more.

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