Ultimate Omega D3 Sport, 8Oz

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...Pharmaceutical Grade. Molecularly Distilled. Superior Absorption!. Super Triglyceride Form...

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Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega D3 Sport, 8Oz

Pharmaceutical Grade.
Molecularly Distilled.
Superior Absorption!
Super Triglyceride Form.
NSF Certified for Sport.
Dietary Supplement.
Fish Oil Processed in Norway.
Fish Oil + Vitamin D3 to Support Healthy.
Muscle Activity.
Body Composition.
Joint Mobility.
Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport is a highly concentrated formula that is free of athletic banned substances and is certified for sport by the NSF. It offers all the benefits of omega-3s EPA and DHA, without the fishy repeat.
Every batch of Nordic Naturals fish oils is third-party tested for environmental toxins, including... 자세한 내용을.

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