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...Tips Best Organic - Breast Paid 2014. Midwife Tested Extra Soft. Natural Materials...

Full product title: Natracare, Nursing Pads, 26 Pads
Brand: Natracare
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Natracare, Nursing Pads, 26 Pads

Tips Best Organic - Breast Paid 2014.
Midwife Tested.
Extra Soft.
Natural Materials.
No Plastics.
Totally Chlorine-Free.
Natural nursing pads.
Cool and comfortable design to protect your clothes.
Made from totally chlorine-free, natural and sustainable materials.
Why Natural Nursing Pads?.
Following the World Health Organizations guidance, exclusive breastfeeding is advised for the first six months of your infant's life as it provides all the nutrients your baby needs. So why does it make sense to choose a nursing pad made from natural materials? Unlike many conventional projects, natracare nursing pads do not contain chlorine-bleached... read more.

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