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...Non GMO. Most Advanced. The Enzyme Experts. Therapeutic. #1 Selling Enzyme Brand...

Full product title: Enzymedica, Repair Gold, 60 Capsules
Brand: Enzymedica
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Enzymedica, Repair Gold, 60 Capsules

Non GMO.
Most Advanced.
The Enzyme Experts.
#1 Selling Enzyme Brand.
Dietary Supplement.
Vegan & Kosher Parve.
No Fillers Added.
Muscle, Tissue, and Joint Function.
Optimized support for sore muscles and joint discomfort.
Contains serrapeptase for extra support.
Overexertion at the gym, at work or at play can lead to fatigued muscles and sore joints.
Repair Gold.
 contains Serrapeptase with Bromelain, Papain and additional enzymes known to support fatigued muscles and joints. The enzymes work synergistically with the body's own mechanisms of renewal and may support the body's natural response to overexertion and strenuous activities.... read more.

Categories: Enzymedica, Inflammation, Enzymes, Serrapeptase, Воспаление, Ферменты, Серрапептаза, 염증치료, 효소, 세라펩타제
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