Metabolift With Vitamin D3, 120 Tablets

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...New Improved Formula!. Clinically Tested Fat Fighting Ingredients!. Boost Metabolism!....

Full product title: Twinlab, Metabolift With Vitamin D3, 120 Tablets
Brand: Twinlab
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Twinlab, Metabolift With Vitamin D3, 120 Tablets

New Improved Formula!
Clinically Tested Fat Fighting Ingredients!
Boost Metabolism!
Increase Energy Levels!
Dietary Supplement.
How It Works:
Designed especially for individuals seeking an all-in-one fat fighter, metabolic enhancer and energy booster, new and improved Metabolift contains clinically tested ingredients that help to give you an edge in the fight against fat.
Each serving contains 120 mg of caffeine as well as 133 mcg of chromium, which helps to support metabolism. Our proprietary Thermogenic and Metabolic Blend delivers an advanced combination of ingredients including green tea extract, guarana extract and yerba mate extract to help stimulate metabolism and boost energy levels, giving your body the tools... read more.

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