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...Minerals on a Mission. Pure Mineral Color Instantly Covers Gray. Blends Easily....

Full product title: Mineral Fusion, Gray Root Concealer For Hair, Black, .28 Oz (8 G)
Brand: Mineral Fusion
iHerb product id: 55252
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Price: $12.99
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iHerb customers rating: 4.67
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Mineral Fusion, Gray Root Concealer For Hair, Black, .28 Oz (8 G)

Minerals on a Mission.
Pure Mineral Color.
Instantly Covers Gray.
Blends Easily.
Gluten Free.
Cruelty Free.
Sulfate Free.
100% Vegetarian.
Never Tested on Animals.
Pure Mineral Color - Natural mineral color, infused with nourishing Argan Oil, applies evenly to hair.
Instantly Covers Gray - Covers gray upon first application and dries within two minutes.
Blends Easily - Lightweight... read more.

Categories: Mineral Fusion, Bath & Beauty, Hair & Scalp, Hair Color, バス&ビューティー, 髪&頭皮, ヘアカラー, Для Душа И Красоты, Волосы И Кожа Головы, Окрашивание Волос, 목욕 및 미용, 헤어 & 두피, 염색
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