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1 Daily. Non-GMO LE Certified. Get the Health Benefits of Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Phytonutrients. Dietary Supplement. Most people don’t get enough oil-based nutrients from their diet. So, we formulated our Once-...

Life Extension, Once-Daily Health Booster, 30 Softgels

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Life Extension, Once-Daily Health Booster, 30 Softgels
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[DESCRIPT]1 Daily. Non-GMO LE Certified. Get the Health Benefits of Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Phytonutrients. Dietary Supplement. Most people don’t get enough oil-based nutrients from their diet. So, we formulated our Once-Daily Health Booster to deliver high potencies of essential fat-soluble nutrients including vitamin K1 and several hard-to-find forms of vitamin K2, multiple forms of vitamin E, our MacuGuard® blend of valuable carotenoids for healthy vision, plus lycopene, saffron and more. Once-Daily Health Booster is a cost-effective way to get a variety of valuable, fat-soluble nutrients in one softgel. Once-Daily Health Booster Benefits. Fills dietary gaps with hard-to-obtain oil-based vitamins nutrients. Helps defend against oxidative stress with vitamin E. Supports bone and arterial health with vitamin K. Promotes vision health with MacuGuard® phospholipid blend. Heart and Bone-Friendly Vitamin K. Vitamin K is beneficial to cardiovascular and bone health, but it’s hard to get optimal amounts from diet alone. That’s why our formula includes not only vitamin K1, but also four potent forms of vitamin K2 for comprehensive vitamin K support. Utilizing MK-4, MK-6, MK-7 and MK-9, our formula supports bone and heart health by helping maintain a healthy calcium balance in your bones and arteries. Mixed Tocotrienols. Life Extension’s Once-Daily Health Booster contains tocotrienols, a form of vitamin E that provides potent benefits throughout the body. Tocotrienols can boost defenses against oxidative stress, promote a healthy lipid profile, protect the brain and cognition and support healthy hair growth. Five kinds of vitamin K. Vitamin K1 is the most common form of vitamin K, but it is tightly bound to plant cells in leafy green vegetables. Not only do many people not enjoy these vegetables, but vitamin K from these sources may be poorly absorbed. Our formula contains 2,000 mcg of vitamin K1, the same dosage found to encourage heart health in a randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Vitamin K2 comes in multiple forms, including MK-4, -6, -7 and -9. Although K2 is present in smaller amounts in the diet, it is better absorbed and stays in the bloodstream longer than K1 and has valuable heart and bone health benefits. Menaquinone-4 (MK-4) promotes arterial and bone health. This supplement delivers 1,500 mcg, the same dosage shown to promote healthy bone density in a clinical study. Trans-menaquinone-7 (MK-7) helps maintain bone strength and arterial flexibility. This supplement delivers 181 mcg, the same dosage studied in double-blind, placebo-controlled trials measuring bone and cardiovascular health. MK-7 is well-absorbed and remains in the bloodstream over a sustained period of time.Once-Daily Health Booster provides a potent dose of a pure, ultra-absorbable form of MK-7, made with a bio-fermentation process. Menaquinone-9 (MK-9) promotes cardiovascular health, according to an eight-year epidemiological study in more than 16,000 women.This supplement provides 11 mcg of MK-6 and 43 mcg of MK-9, because these new rock stars of the vitamin K2 world are effective in very small amounts. Innovative Phytonutrients. Lycopene—Lycopene helps maintain cardiovascular health by supporting vascular endothelial function (the inner lining of your arterial blood vessels). Lycopene also promotes a healthy inflammatory response and helps maintain already-healthy blood pressure levels. Lycopene famously supports prostate health, helping to regulate normal cellular proliferation.Lycopene has also been shown to help support a healthy insulin response and promote longevity. Chlorophyllin—Chlorophyllin, derived from the green plant pigment chlorophyll, has been shown to have DNA-protective properties. MacuGuard® Carotenoid Phospholipid Blend. MacuGuard® is our innovative ocular-health formula based on a blend of lutein, trans- zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin—important nutrients that protect the delicate photoreceptor cells in the retina's macula from light damage, promote eye health and support healthy vision. Lutein is a carotenoid that is an important part of your macular pigment. It helps protect the eyes from the effects of blue and ultraviolet light. Lutein supports macular health and defends against oxidative stress to help keep your eyes functioning over time. Saffron helps maintain visual acuity. Odds are, your multivitamin formula missed a few of these nutrients. Fill in the gaps with Once-Daily Health Booster.[/DESCRIPT]... (описание дополняется)

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