Collective Earnings System at iHerb

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Welcome to the Collective Earnings System at iHerb !

Dear friends!

You certainly know about an excellent affiliate iHerb Rewards program , allowing to earn good money for everyone. Moreover, you cannot only know, but also has actively distribute your referral code? Excellent! Then, you probably already knew that involve referrals very difficult ... But that was before! Welcome to the iHerb Collective Earnings System! This system will allow you without too much labor to get referrals from around the world, and all that is needed from you in return - it is nice to spend time in the company of like-minded - to communicate, share information and knowledge.

We describe in detail how works our Collective Earnings System:
as you probably guessed this forum's visitors go quite often to the via links from the forum’s messages. For example, take any threads of the most visited category en, jp, ru или kr – and you will see that the reasons to go to abound. In this forum, all outgoing links towards not the usual. It arranged in such a way that with each pass on passed referral code (rcode) of one of the members of forum. Accordingly, each such pass - it is a potential referral of a particular user. Whose referral code will be sent - automatically determined based on the contribution of a particular user in development of forum. At the moment, this contribution is estimated as total amount received by the user's likes for user's posts. Ie it's simple: you post useful message -> your message collect likes -> you get referrals.
Why the system is "collective"? And here's why: all users post useful messages -> thanks to a wealth of useful information the forum is becoming a popular and its attendance increases -> thanks to the forum popularity is growing a number of passed from the forum to the site -> as a result, each user gets more referrals.

It really helps me to increase earnings on iHerb?
Active participation in the forum in a short time be able to provide you with hundreds, maybe thousands of people buying on iherb with your referral code. Does anywhere else in the nature is such instruments to attract referrals? Think about it at your leisure. Or try without hesitation. It's free and very easy.

How to start?
1. Sign up for Laud Herb forum. At registration in rcode field, type your rcode obtained in
2. Start writing useful posts. Share your knowledge and experience. Discuss!
3. Get likes from other users. And themselves mark likes useful posts.
4. Get referrals.

If something is unclear - ask here .

To see how the system works will help the table of referrals distribution:
Table of referrals distribution
The table below lists all of the users participating in the Collective Earnings System at iHerb.

Warning! Any registered user will be automatically included in the Collective Earnings System after publication of 20 posts and get the minimum number of likes* for the posts. Administrators and moderators are not involved in the System (and does not have the right to publish or otherwise promote their referral codes on this forum).

Discuss of Collective Earnings System

Chart of referrals distribution dynamics
Chart displays the dynamics of the number of daily passes from the forum Laud Herb to the site (actual referrals are distributed among the forum’s users)
Discuss the dynamics of referrals

Geographic structure of referrals
The charts below show the geography of referrals (and their share), ie countries from where forums’s users passed to
Discuss the geography of referrals

Friends! Publish useful posts on the forum - and referrals from these charts will become your referrals too.
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