Absolute consumer rating of products from iHerb.com (in the history)

The rating is based on a cumulative subjective assessment of the demand for specific products and customer satisfaction from the use of these products.
The rating is absolute and evaluates all available data, for all time and for all products available in the catalog on the official iHerb website.
The rating lists the 500 best iHerb's products. It's a real must-have for all time.
Discussion of the rating here: https://www.shruki.ru/forums/8/

The rating update weekly.

*) The rating is calculated on the basis of publicly available data, including data from visitors of iherb.com. The calculation used data on a rating of a particular product, a number of product evaluations, a number and quality of product reviews, product novelty, etc.)

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Jan 11, 2018
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